Topics of this year poster session will also concern «Complications & Complex situations Management».
Young urologists (younger than 36) and residents are invited to submit their work in a challenge for the Best Poster Presentation, that could be presented in the «Tips & Tricks Saturday morning session».
The winner will be proclaimed and rewarded with a grant from industry and a special gift from the local organizing committee rewarding the more original and funniest topics about the theme of the year will be delivered at the closing ceremony.

Poster submission deadline:
Thursday 17 November 2016
Authors can bring their poster/presentation/video to the congress on Friday 2 December. Poster can be hang on the poster boards in the poster area, a plasma screen will be available for the presentations and videos.

All the projects are reviewed by a jury.

Out of the posters sent in by a resident :

  • Ten projects are selected for the project contest. The authors will be asked to provide multiple choice questions. At the congress, all congress delegates are invited to submit the correct answers to these questions. The winner will be communicated at the poster session on Saturday afternoon and will receive a prize.
  • Three projects are selected as winning projects (these can be part of the 10 projects mentioned above, but this is not necessarily the case). The authors of the three winning projects are invited to give a presentation in the auditorium on Saturday morning to present their work. They will receive the award of winning poster (€ 250, € 500, € 750).


Submission deadline
Please submit your project electronically to the ESRU responsible at info@esru.be by 17 November and clearly mention whether you are a physician or a resident. For residents: also send a separate file containing the 2 multiple choice questions and answers. Posters submitted after this deadline cannot be accepted.

Poster format
All posters must be in English, in pdf format and should be produced in A1 size (594 x 841 mm – 23.39 x 33.11 inch) and in portrait orientation.
All videos must be in English and made in mp3 or mp4 format.
All presentations (powerpoint) must be produced in 16/9 format and pdf.

Instructions and planning
17 November: deadline to submit final poster
24 November: the authors of the 3 winning posters are asked to prepare a presentation
02 December: all poster authors bring along their poster for display in the designated Poster area
03 December: presentation for the 3 poster winners at the Poster session and announcement of the winner of the poster quiz

Poster awards
Posters will be reviewed and ranked by the poster jury.

First prize for best poster: € 750
Second prize for best poster: € 500
Third prize for best poster: € 250

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